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Buster's Dog Blog

August ... (sorry, I don't know the date ...
I have been doing my best to be cool during the recent storms but this last one  was terrible. There was thunder and wind. I went out with the male two-legged for a walk after the storm was over - he wanted to show me that everything was okay - well, there were HUGE trees on the ground! I feel bad for the trees, man.

It's tough for us dogs who don't like thunderstorms.

On a lighter note, we're thinking about starting a Facebook thing for dogs. We might call it Butt-book. What do you think about that?


May 10

Hi everyone! And a happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms! Humans seem to be quite attached to their bio-family - it's kind of nice, actually. So, they have days set aside to honor them: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day. The rest of the days are for kids, I guess. As many of you know, I have stayed in touch with my brother, Bubba. We're pretty close and I feel a little responsibility for him because sometimes, he doesn't think things through.
Speaking of families, some of you might not know this, but Henry's grandfather was a champion - he was Best in Breed and Best in Show. To tell the truth, Henry could've been in the ring - he looks great. But - he's a little too friendly. Can't be jumping around, licking the judges faces!

I'm writing this from my peeps cabin near Ely, Minnesota. It's a little chilly up here but I'm having a good time. We'll be going back out in the boat today, goin' fishin', taking in the scenery. It's a great life.

Until next time,

February 26, 2009
It's snowing pretty good out there today. Good day to be curled up on the sofa.
I received a letter from Misty, a listener who lives in Key Biscayne, Florida. She was wondering how we know what the date
is - y'know, because there's a date on the blogs. Well, Misty, the truth is ... we don't. There's a very smart dog who
helps us with the website stuff. He's brilliant and I don't really get why he knows stuff like dates. He even seems to understand time!! I write stuff down - special keyboard, really BIG keys suitable for paws -  and he takes care of the rest. His
name is Sherman if you ever need to contact him about anything.

I'm going to go back and catch a nap. The thing I've realized about snowstorms is that the peeps usually bring home what they call "take out." They come home and say "Hey, Buster - I was running late so I got some take out."  This "take-out" is always good.

Here's hoping you all get some take-out.
Your friend, Buster

February 11, 2009
Westminster Dog Kennel Club Alert!!
I hope you have all heard the news - Best In Show was taken by an OLDER dog! Is that cool or what?
For those of us who are not pups anymore, it was great. The other thing that made me want to go run circles in the backyard was that it wasn't a real common breed - his name is Stump and he's a Sussex Spaniel. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Sussex Spaniel. Stump, man - you rock! Go on home and get some rest.

Lots of talk about Abraham Lincoln these days. Anyone know if this guy had a dog?

January 20, 2009

Just finished talking to Henry. I really liked watching the inauguration too. My peeps took the day off, made chicken wings, nachos, all kinds of stuff. Y'know, I think Bark Obama is going to do a good job but people gotta give him a chance! Heck, the man hasn't even had LUNCH yet and the TV people are asking when he's gonna take care of this or when will he deal with that. LET THE MAN HAVE HIS LUNCH FIRST!!
As far as the potential first dog, I heard the same thing Henry did but I'd like to correct one thing: It a Portugese Water Dog not a Porch Geese Water Dog.

Keep your paws warm and your nose cold

Buster's First Dog Blog

Hey, dogs!

I've been hangin' out with the two-leggeds and I'm using our special WDOG Dog Radio enhanced keyboard for the computer.  Big keys for big paws with a little extra room for the dew claw.

I enjoy being with my peeps but I'm thinking we need to start a list of things we observe about them - their strange behavior, if you know what I mean. Here's one: they can lie on their backs for a really long time. They look like they're comfortable but I tried it and it wasn't that great.

That's it for me - time to go outside, out back!




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