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Henry's Dog Blog

I just read Buster's blog - man, those storms were awesome! I guess Minneapolis wasn't the only place with bad storms. We had these things called tornadoes and they are like big clouds that get really mad and spin around. Anyway, if you were in a place that had lots of rain and wind, I sure hope you are all okay.

Buster also mentioned having a Facebook like thing for doooogs called Butt-book but y'know what I found out? If you go to Facebook and search for "henry and buster fan club" - there really IS a henry and Buster Fan Club!! This is so cool!! And we have 89 fans so far - I can't count very good but it sure sounds like a lot!

Stay warm and dry, fellow doooogs!

May 11, 2009
Wow! It's May already!  Everything is growing and blooming and there are all sorts of new smells! It's great!
One of the reasons I haven't been on the blog is that I've been verrrry distracted. I've been following all the news about President Obama's doooog, Bo. He's gotta be the most famous doooog in the world! I think Bo will do a good job representing all of the dooogs, although that's gotta be a huge job. He's pretty young but y'know what? He comes from a family already in politics.
Can you imagine the mail this guy gets? I bet he gets more than Buster and I do.

I hope all of you are enjoying the nice weather. Maybe some of you are going to a place the peeps call "up north" or to "the cabin." I've been up to my cabin a couple of times already. The dooogs with the skinny legs - they are called "deer" - are all over the place. They smell funny and they are not very sociable.

Have a great spring, dooogs!

March 1, 2009
We had lots of snow. I really like snow. I like to run around and bury my nose in it. I have allergies and sometimes the cold  snow feels really good. Today I heard my mom peeps talking about how New York City got a whole bunch of snow too. I hope all you doooogs in NYC get a chance to romp!  I also heard that President Obama got snow in his neighborhood too. I wonder if he has to shovel the driveway? I saw a picture of the house he is living in and it looked like it had a verrry long driveway. Maybe Sasha and Malia help him.
Speaking of the Obama's, I hope you all heard the news: they will get a Portugese Water Dooooog. The best part is that they're going to get a doooog who has been rescued. That means he or she needs a good home.

I have received a couple of e-mails asking why humans seem to be kind of edgy lately. It's this thing called Economy, I think. It's all anybody is talking about: economy, stock and taxes. The best way to help is to hang out with your peeps and be good doooogs. Take them for walks.

Later, doooogs!  Henry

February 11, 2009
Wow! The Dog Show last night was verrrrrry exciting! Stump, a spaniel who is 10 years old - 10! - won the show. He looked good, I thought. Not as good as the Wheaten but really good. Anyway, I guess Stump won the sporting group a while back but then he was verrry sick for a while. No one is saying what happened but I will try to find out. I hope he didn't eat something bad. Stump lives in Houston - I know people who live there too. It's hot. But Stump lives there and his roomie is J.R., a Bichon who has ALSO won Best In Show! What's in the water down there?! Congratulations, Stump, from all of us at the Henry and Buster Show.

I got a new pair of boots and they are comfortable. They have a soft lining. I almost lost one last night, though. I had a letter that aksed me if boots were hard to get used to and they are, kinda. But I don't get as many paw infections and when I walk on salt? My paws don't sting and hurt and stuff.

Until next time,

February 2, 2009

Doogs! Guess what? There's a day coming up that the peeps devote to looooove. No kidding! Pretty sure this is about them liking their dooogs. It must be. Anyway. from what I have heard, this is a typical human holiday and DOES involve treats.

On the White House front, President Bark Obama has not yet chosen a dooog. What is taking so long?

January 20, 2009

Hey, dooogs. I'm watching the in-awe-grrr-ation with the peeps. President Bark Obama looks very happy. His puppies, Sasha and Malia, look very nice. I'm sure they will do a good job with their new dooog. Has anybody heard news on this front? I have not. Someone said it was either going to be a Porch Geese Water Dooog or a Labradoodle. Kinda wish they could get a mutt. Buster is a mutt and he's the smartest dooog I know.

Gotta go. Chicken wings just came out of that magic box in the kitchen. 

Your friend, Henry

What's Up Doogs From Henry

Hey doogs!
Henry here. Buster is with his peeps at the lake but you knowwhat? It's too cold. So I'm here writing my first dog blog. Anyway, this is just a thing where I tell you about my various thoughts. All dogs have them. If you have anything on your mind, let me know.
That's it for now!




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