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Ann Reed, award winning singer-songwriter, story teller and frequent radio guest, has launched a new comedy, The Henry and Buster Show. These five- to 10-minute podcasts are free, funny, family friendly, and  ready for download.

Meet Henry and Buster, canine hosts of their own "radio WDOG" show. They are joined by pooch buddies like Rover the roving reporter, Jacque the board operator, Bubba - Buster's loveable but none-to-bright brother - and many more. There are call-in guests and in-studio visitors, too.

For years, Ann Reed wanted to create a broadcast hybrid that adults and kids could both enjoy. This is it -complete with music, interviews, variety, merchandise, guests, jokes and interactive opportunity for you and  your pets. There's even a real "Ask the Vet" feature with Dr. Craig Turino, a Minneapolis-based veterinarian.

In addition to Ann, Len Goodman, Karen Skaja, Tre Fortner, Julie Madden and others from various arenas of the Twin Cities art community lend their vocal skills to the show.

Yes, Ann Reed has truly gone to the dogs, and she's loving every minute of it.

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